The Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

Cosmetic repairs to restore your smile can improve your self-confidence and help you work towards both personal and career goals. One of the most adaptable forms of smile improvement is dental bonding. As an affordable and semi-permanent way of improving your smile, this kind of treatment may be right for you. If you have certain issues with your teeth that are mostly only surface deep, consider teeth bonding as a way to quickly get the exact look you want.

How Does Cosmetic Bonding Work?

Treatments like composite bonding are among the most conservative ways to improve the look of your smile. The tooth is lightly polished and shaped, then a thin layer of material is applied to the exterior to give it a new shape and sparkling white color. It's similar to the use of veneers, but the materials used for dental bonding tend to be thinner. This limits the amount of damage they can cover in some ways, but it also greatly reduces the amount of natural tooth material that needs removal before installation. For patients who are concerned about permanent effects on their teeth, bonding is likely the best option to get the results they want.

What Can You Cover with Teeth Bonding?

Many minor cosmetic dental issues are easily covered by cosmetic bonding. Tooth discoloration is one of the most common issues covered by this treatment. Some medications can cause teeth to become gray or otherwise discolored despite remaining healthy and strong. Whitening can't adjust this kind of permanent color change, but bonding can quickly cover it up. Chips and cracks that don't threaten the integrity of the tooth also leave gaps in your smile which are easily addressed with dental bonding. If you're not sure if your dental issues are appropriate for this treatment, schedule a consultation and the dentist can give you personal advice for the best possible results.

Teeth Bonding Cost vs Other Options

In most cases, the teeth bonding cost is lower than for alternatives like veneers and crowns. This is because only minimal amounts of prep work are done on the teeth before installation, not to mention the lower cost of the materials used for bonding. It's easy to replace and update as time goes by and the bonding ages. While you will have to have the bonding redone every five to 10 years depending on the wear and tear to your teeth, it's still considered one of the more affordable choices in the long run.

Who's a Good Candidate for Dental Bonding?

Anyone who wants a brighter and more even smile should consider dental bonding. It can be applied to any permanent teeth, even in teenagers that are concerned about damage to their smile from accidents or sports activities. Older people who want a full smile makeover also often choose composite bonding as a way to brighten those stubborn stains. Since it's not a painful procedure and it doesn't take long to complete the two major steps of installation, even people with dental anxiety should find it easy enough to undergo bonding.

What to Know Before Your Bonding Appointment

You'll need to have your teeth cleaned before the prep work begins for the bonding. Once you've identified which teeth you want the bonding applied to, the dentist will do some minor prep work and remove a little of the enamel layer so the composite material can bond with the surface. The work won't get near the nerves in your tooth, so you should barely feel it. A color is selected that matches the rest of your teeth for a seamless look, then the composite material is applied directly to the tooth. The dentist can shape this putty into any arrangement to help fill in gaps or correct the look of a tilted tooth. A special light is used to cure the material, hardening it and sealing it tightly to your tooth. It's a quick process that is usually completed all in one visit. Expect it to take up to one hour per tooth, including the polishing work at the end.

Interested in bonding as a way of improving your smile? Schedule a visit with us here at Decker Dental to discuss your options. We'll let you know what we think would work best to accomplish all of your dental health goals.

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