The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

According to the popular song from the Broadway musical Annie, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

As an individual living in contemporary society, your smile is one of your greatest assets. It beautifies your face, makes you more approachable and communicates a cheerful and pleasant demeanor.

Smiles do not only have outward effects. Studies have shown that smiling triggers a release of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin in the brain. This leads to an improvement in your physical and mental health.

Despite the myriad of benefits that smiling gives us, we still have a lot of people who find it difficult to smile regularly. While there are many reasons for this, one that keeps popping up is discolored teeth.

There are several causes for discolored teeth. They include stains caused by food, drinks, smoking or chewing tobacco, the use of medications such as Tetracycline, as well as poor dental hygiene. Regardless of the reason, those with discolored teeth tend to be more self-conscious and end up smiling less. This robs them of the truckloads of benefits that smiling gives us. To prevent this from happening, teeth whitening was developed.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that involves the removal of stains from the teeth and using substances to restore them to their natural white color. While teeth whitening kits can be bought and self-applied, in-office procedures done by professional dentists have proven to be more beneficial.

The Perks of Teeth Whitening

Sometimes referred to as teeth bleaching, teeth whitening is experiencing an increase in popularity. This is because of the numerous benefits that teeth whitening provides. These benefits include:

Enhancement of Appearance 

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry. This is because your smile makes your face look more appealing. A good smile does more to enhance your appearance than most forms of make-up and other beauty procedures ever could. 

Improvement in Self-Esteem 

A lot of people get hung up on appearances. Since their smiles are a significant aspect of their appearance, those with discolored teeth tend to feel self-conscious and embarrassed about the state of their teeth. This is a blow to their confidence. However, when these same people undergo teeth whitening procedures, they tend to become more confident when they speak and smile.

Better First Impressions 

Those who smile more often tend to leave more cheerful and memorable first impressions in the minds of the people they meet. Those who smile more often and have clean, white teeth are perceived as attractive and confident. This group of people also tends to be more successful in job interviews and in making new friends. 

Improvement in Oral Health and Hygiene 

The removal of the stains causing dental discoloration prevents the accumulation of plaque or the presence of cavities. In addition to this, individuals who have had their teeth whitened are usually very pleased with the results and become more inspired to adopt healthy routine dental hygiene practices. All these go a long way toward improving and maintaining oral health and hygiene.

Durability of Results 

Now, there are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market that can be self-applied and promise to produce great results. Though these products may give a measure of results, it has been proven that in-office procedures performed by qualified dentists lead to the best outcomes. This gives you long-lasting, bright white teeth.

Safer Techniques 

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure. As a result, the instruments used have little to no chance of causing injury to the mouth or gums. Unlike self-application, teeth whitening procedures done by competent dentists are safely administered and monitored. Dentists ensure that the bleaching agents are applied evenly, in the correct doses and for the right duration. This protects your mouth from gum swelling, tooth sensitivity and other harmful dental issues.

Affordable Procedure

There are several cosmetic and dental procedures that the average person will have to break the bank to be able to afford. However, the cost of a teeth whitening procedure tends to be more on the affordable side of things. The teeth whitening cost is even more of a bargain when you consider the immense benefits gained from it.

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